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Your Business Phone, Internet and Data Services - Simplified
               AT&T Business Local Service
               Local Lines, Complete Choice® Packages, Calling Features, Voicemail, PRI and more

               AT&T Business Long Distance
               Unlimited Long Distance, Package Minute Plans, Volume Plans, Toll Free and more

               AT&T FastAccess® DSL and U-verse®  for Business
               1.5 MB, 3.0 MB, and 6.0 MB Options, Dynamic or Static, Internet Security and more

               AT&T Mobility Solutions for Business
               Business cellular phones and plans, LaptopConnect Cards and 3G Netbooks

To learn more about these products and special offers for business customers, call 1-888-735-1455 to speak with an AT&T Solution Provider - or click here:
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Thank you for visiting our website - we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your company.  As an AT&T Solution Provider, Simplified Business Services is your personal contact for ordering new AT&T business products and services.  We provide our services in the 22-state AT&T local service area, as well as within AT&T's nationwide data footprint.  Customers value our personal service and expert care in handling their business orders for new local phone service, long distance, DSL (internet), and data products.  We have helped thousands of companies establish new phone service, add additional services to their existing AT&T accounts, and switch their services to AT&T from other phone and internet companies.  It is our goal to provide an outstanding customer experience, offer unparalleled support, and retain a lasting partnership with you, the customer.  We look forward to working with you soon!       

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   ♦ Order AT&T Wireless Solutions for your business

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If you are establishing new service with AT&T, or are switching back to AT&T from another provider, please visit our Quote Request page for DSL availability and pricing.

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After you submit your AT&T business account information above by pressing "Send", an AT&T Solution Provider will contact you shortly to review DSL availability, speed options and pricing.  Special promotions, credits and term discounts may apply - ask your AT&T Solution Provider for details.  This service is provided for business customers only.

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